How SEO is the need of the hour?

During simpler times, when internet and technology were restricted to the dictionary and not reality, people were aware of the products/services in the market through TV commercials, newspaper ads or simply through word-of-mouth advertising. And today, our lives are completely technology-driven where even choosing what to eat requires one to “google” for recommendations. Along with this growth, another phenomenon called “Globalization” erupted, resulting in a centralized market where services and products can be bought and sold from anywhere in the world. This brought about a real need to “stand-out” from the rest of the competition and nothing else is more trusted by consumers than the first page of Google search results. And here, Search Engine Optimization plays a vital role, providing you with that extra edge to succeed in your online venture.

Is this the new word-of-mouth advertising?

The traffic to your site can be built through investing significant expenditure in AdWords or organically, through word-of-mouth advertising. But is it entirely possible to grow traffic organically through just spreading the word about your website? This is where SEO helps immensely as it is an extremely cost-effective way to organically grow the traffic to your site. The fruit of SEO is that once your site reaches the top echelons of the search results, you don’t have to think about pay per clicks or prepare an advertising budget. Thus, SEO  can be rightly said as an evolution of word-of-mouth advertising with respect to growing traffic organically.

First among Equals

Consider this, a whopping 60% of the clicks go to the first result that pops up in a Google search. This means the second result to the “nth” result competes for the remaining 40%. A fine-tuned SEO process helps you to gain the “numero-uno” position and through that, those potential new customers which would have been lost to your rival if not for SEO. Thus, in spite of offering the same products/services and at the same price, the one with a well-implemented SEO process gets to be the first among equals.

What does the Number say?

What conveys the need for SEO better than good old statistics. The close rate associated with SEO-generated leads stand at 14.6%, whereas the equivalent rate for outbound leads, i.e., direct mail/print adverts stands at 1.7%. This tells a story which needs to be heard – that SEO helps your business in a positive manner.

The benefits listed above only scratches the surface as to why SEO is the need of the hour. The nature of the SEO best practices, the internet, the search engine algorithms and almost everything related to it, are dynamic in nature which means SEO process are updated frequently and the benefits that are accrued also evolves over time. So, if you want to benefit your business with the same, you can hire SEO NZ experts.  Just as the saying which goes “Rome was not built in a day”, it is important to keep in mind that the benefits of SEO do not accrue instantaneously.