3 Major Psychic Myths Explained


Most of the psychic readers use a lot more than intuition to give psychic guidance to their clients. They use a lot of divination tools like that of a crystal ball, tarot, numerology, astrology and more. Some of the psychics also possess the ability to speak with their spirit guides while others attempt to make a connection between you and your loved ones who aren’t in this world anymore. So the methods may be quite different but the results turn out to be pretty similar- all of them aim to help you see your road ahead better.

But there are some myths which have come to be associated with psychic readings and readers over the years and they range from the regular ones of them being frauds to extreme ones which label them are voodoo practitioners, here are some myths which we will try to dispel in here:

Psychics are all knowing

Psychic practice is a very demanding job and many have to go off to get some time devoted to themselves so as to recharge their batteries. Remember that they are also people and get tired and make mistakes. Psychics aren’t all knowing because that’s just against the laws of human nature- there’s always room for growth. Even when spirit guides aid them, even then they only access the information which is relevant to that situation and moment.

Psychics are actually minded readers

Psychics can be accurately termed as energy readers and more than anything else, a good reader will also be able to sense hour energy field and how you feel. She should be able to pick up on why you are feeling what you are and how that can be influencing you in making a hard decision. She possesses the ability to provide a clearer and brighter path for you but if you will ask for what your favorite song is or when your birthday is then she won’t be able to answer. She isn’t a mind reader and the real information isn’t stored in your mind anyway, but in your soul-field and in your heart.

Psychics are always and 100% correct

Many argue that since the information is coming from a supernatural entity then it must surely be fully correct. But this information which is being laid out in front of you is just a snapshot of your life and not the whole picture. So it gives you just what you need to hear at that moment so that your next choice is made more consciously. Remember that your future isn’t set in stone and there are endless possibilities which surround you.

Remember that psychics won’t be able to walk the path set for you and neither will they be able to pressure you to walk on a certain path. No matter how many psychics you consult you are owner and executioner of your own life choices. What you do with psychic information can change your future. But always ensure that you look into the profile of the psychic so that you get what you are looking for.