What are the duties and responsibilities of a fire engineer?

We all must have come across through some fire accidents. The person behind the rescue operation of the people stuck in these fireplaces is called a fire engineer. He performs a lot of duties. Let’s have a look at them.

To provide technical support to the staffs and team members

He is basically the guide of the whole team. His main work is to give technical support to the staffs working in the field. The firemen who work in the field is expert in using the tools that are provided to him, but he is not responsible for any issues that come in the functioning of any equipment. This is the duty of the fire engineer to take care of the functionality of the equipment required in the projects.

To inspect each and every equipment

If you talk about the fire station, then there is a complete set up where all the apparatus and equipments is placed already. Anyone can call anytime for help and a complete truck could proceed for helping. It is the work of a fire engineer that he examines the equipments that are there on the truck properly before it leaves the fire station.

To operate heavy and important machines

The selection of machines depends on the amount of fire that a particular place has caught. If a place has caught minimum fire, then all the machines are not required. In case of big fire cases, big machines like airbags, hydraulically powered cutters and cutters, special saws etc. are required.  A fire engineer is asked to go with the team to operate these equipments.

To deal with the hazardous incidents

You must have come across several incidents where a long building caught fire and a lot of people get stuck in that. This is considered as one of those incidents that could not be taken under control by the normal staff. So, for these incidents, fire engineers are required. The reason behind this is that heavy machine is used in these cases and they could only be operated by fire engineers.

To participate in various training programs

A fire protection program is definitely a fieldwork and people working in it needs a lot of training. There are different forms of trainings that the staff of a fire station goes through like physical training, training related to the operation of different tools and machines. It is the duty of a fire engineer to participate in all these trainings. He or she sometimes acts as a trainer also.

To respond to post-accident scenes

Apart from these things there are a lot of other activities that a fire engineer goes through like responding to the accident scenes. Reason behind this is that he has the knowledge of things that should done after accident. So, even if he is not at the time of the accident, he visits the place after it.

So, these were the list of a few of the duties that a fire engineer performs.