How SEO is the need of the hour?

During simpler times, when internet and technology were restricted to the dictionary and not reality, people were aware of the products/services in the market through TV commercials, newspaper ads or simply through word-of-mouth advertising. And today, our lives are completely technology-driven where even choosing what to eat requires one to “google” for recommendations. Along with this growth, another phenomenon called “Globalization” erupted, resulting in a centralized market where services and products can be bought and sold from anywhere in the world. This brought about a real need to “stand-out” from the rest of the competition and nothing else is more trusted by consumers than the first page of Google search results. And here, Search Engine Optimization plays a vital role, providing you with that extra edge to succeed in your online venture.

Is this the new word-of-mouth advertising?

The traffic to your site can be built through investing significant expenditure in AdWords or organically, through word-of-mouth advertising. But is it entirely possible to grow traffic organically through just spreading the word about your website? This is where SEO helps immensely as it is an extremely cost-effective way to organically grow the traffic to your site. The fruit of SEO is that once your site reaches the top echelons of the search results, you don’t have to think about pay per clicks or prepare an advertising budget. Thus, SEO  can be rightly said as an evolution of word-of-mouth advertising with respect to growing traffic organically.

First among Equals

Consider this, a whopping 60% of the clicks go to the first result that pops up in a Google search. This means the second result to the “nth” result competes for the remaining 40%. A fine-tuned SEO process helps you to gain the “numero-uno” position and through that, those potential new customers which would have been lost to your rival if not for SEO. Thus, in spite of offering the same products/services and at the same price, the one with a well-implemented SEO process gets to be the first among equals.

What does the Number say?

What conveys the need for SEO better than good old statistics. The close rate associated with SEO-generated leads stand at 14.6%, whereas the equivalent rate for outbound leads, i.e., direct mail/print adverts stands at 1.7%. This tells a story which needs to be heard – that SEO helps your business in a positive manner.

The benefits listed above only scratches the surface as to why SEO is the need of the hour. The nature of the SEO best practices, the internet, the search engine algorithms and almost everything related to it, are dynamic in nature which means SEO process are updated frequently and the benefits that are accrued also evolves over time. So, if you want to benefit your business with the same, you can hire SEO NZ experts.  Just as the saying which goes “Rome was not built in a day”, it is important to keep in mind that the benefits of SEO do not accrue instantaneously.

Tips on buying furniture of high quality at a reasonable price

Furniture is a necessity for every house. Whether it is the bed or the dining table you would want to have the premium quality furniture in your house. The best part of the furniture is if you can purchase it of good quality then it will last for a very long time. Most of the people have to the misconception that they will only be able to avail good quality furniture if they are spending an ample amount of money. In reality, all you need to do is some basic research in order to get the best deal.


Here are some of the points that you should scrutinize in order to ensure that you are getting good quality furniture.


  • Quality of Wood: If you are purchasing wooden furniture then it will be categorized into 3 parts and those are composite wood, solid wood, and the veneers. Solid wood will cost you much more than the other two, but it will provide a premium look. It has a drawback that it is susceptible to the water rings and scratches. For good quality wood, you can definitely opt for the veneers. Plastics, raisins and wood pulp when is combined together composite wood is created. It won’t survive for a very long time as they are made up of cheap quality product.


  • Lifestyle: Depending on the lifestyle you will have to pick the furniture. Lifestyle is a contributing factor because if you have a busy lifestyle and have a little time to care for furniture then do not pick furniture with high maintenance. Most of the time high maintenance furniture will cost you a bit more than the low maintenance ones. Here at furniture stores in Auckland, one will get the right furniture that can, their lifestyle.


  • Cushions: Always opt for the firm cushions that come with removable covers. The benefit of the firm cushion is they will be able to hold up a particular position even after a long time. Also, check the comfort and sturdiness.


  • Used furniture: One can also get a good deal when they are purchasing second-hand furniture, but they need to inspect it properly. Make sure you are looking for the scratches, watermarks, tears, stains, and rips.


  • Right time: In order to grab the best price of the furniture you will need to pick the right time because the prices of furniture will keep on fluctuating. Always try to buy during offer season.


  • Springs: If you are looking for firm sofas then go for the traditional ones with coil springs. Inspect the cushions properly and the sofas by pushing it down to see whether the string is getting back into its original position immediately or not.


Many people also opt for the second-hand furniture because it will offer a better deal and most of the time there are high chances that you are getting premium quality material at a cheaper cost. These are the points that one should keep in mind when they are purchasing any furniture. Even if you’re playing an expensive amount make sure you paying for the right thing.



Things to know before buying a house

Taking a big financial decision is not always easy for a person because it has a lot of capital involved in it. It is important for everyone to make big financial decisions in their lives and invest their saving in a smart manner so that they can grow their investment over time. It is important for you to have a good idea about the real estate market in your market before you invest all your savings into it. It is important to have a good understanding of the things you should keep in mind when buying a home.


Here we have listed down all the things that you should definitely know before you invest your savings in real estate.


  • Investing money in the real estate market needs a lot of capital. It is impossible for a lot of people to save up such a big amount of money. There are flexible loan options available all over the real estate market which help people buy their house of dreams even when they do not have a big sum of money with them. It is important to have a clear idea about your credit score. Know your credit score before you even apply for a loan so that you are well informed about the entire situation. This will help you negotiate the loan amount and interest of the loan with the bank. Having a good credit score plays a very important role in situations like this.


  • If you are buying a home, then it is important for you to get pre-approved from a lender. This process is one of the most important parts of the whole house buying procedure. This helps you to get the loan you want until an unless there is any kind of problem with your credit score. The letter authorized for pre-approval also helps you compete with other buyers in a competitive market. People with this letter are always given more preference over others.


  • If you are making an investment in the real estate market and you are sure about what you want, then it is recommended that you definitely make a whole expenditure list of the things that you will need to do after you buy the house. The list will include all kinds of repairs and renovations so that you have a clear understanding of how much money you will be needing even after you purchase the home. Talk to the real estate agent and understand the problems that the house will be facing in the future so that you could also have the idea amount the amount of money you will be investing on the house.


Buying a house is a very smart decision for people who are looking to invest their money in a secure place. You can simply start your house buying procedure by looking for houses for sale in your locality. Start your process by calling all the best real estate agents around your neighbourhood.

Traits that will help you to spot a good mortgage broker

Recently an incredible change has been encountered in the industry of mortgage broker and they are now offering improved services. Many people are aware of how mortgage broker will provide their assistance which is completely invaluable when it comes to obtaining their house loan. As the market is always saturated with several mortgage brokers in Auckland so you need to pick the right one from the heap by spotting the traits that are mentioned below.


  • Every good mortgage broker will have the license and it must be linked with the National Consumer Credit Protection Act. Hiring someone with a license will provide you with a better authentication and a simpler process.


  • There are several companies who are providing good mortgage brokers. Always try to collaborate with the brokers who are from any professional industry.


  • If you are unable to pick from the list of available mortgage broker then you can definitely ask for the recommendation from your family or friends.


  • One of the aspects of arranging any loan is to find cheaper rates. A good mortgage broker who has been in this field for a very long time will discuss the entire goal and a mortgage plan with you and pick the loan that can fit with your present situation.


  • There are many brokers who have a healthy relationship with several lenders and when you will collaborate with them, they allow reliable lenders to work with you. A skilled mortgage broker will be fluent with the processes and the criteria of lending of different financial institutions.


  • When a person is applying for the home loan or the refinancing then it is quite stressful for them. This is one of the reasons why people look for skilled brokers who can assist them throughout the entire process.


  • Transparency is what a skilled mortgage broker will provide. They will definitely get a certain percentage of money after they have completed helping you to sanction the loan. So until and unless the entire process is getting completed they will work for you without charging any price.


  • Most of the skilled mortgage broker will always plan to assist you in the future and that is why they believe in long term commitment.


  • Mortgages are considered to be a complex financial decision. People always hire brokers who are detail oriented and will not leave a loophole in the entire process.


  • A good mortgage broker will not help everyone to sanction their loan. They know the proper protocols and will only help people who have proper documentation.


These are the few features that make a mortgage broker a skilled one. There are many mortgage brokers who are working with bigger companies and your target should be those brokers. A mortgage broker who has the capability of simplifying the entire task is the right person. Check for their experience and ask for the list of people they have worked with. Doing some own research and background check is going to be fruitful for you in the long run because mortgages can be quite tricky if not dealt properly in the first place.

Tricks to make your hair grow faster

According to different surveys done on women, it has been seen that women are never satisfied with their hair. Almost all women complain about the length of their hair on a day to day basis. Since women face such a hard time in their hair department, we have come up with different tricks that will help them make their hair more attractive and beautiful. These steps will help women make their hair thicker, stronger and also grow faster.


Here we have listed down all the tips that women need to follow to avoid a bald head and make their hair look more attractive:


  • The first thing that all women should follow to take care of their hair is to eat healthily. If they are eating healthy, they can grow out their hair faster. Having a balanced diet helps the body with all the vitamins, which end up making the hair healthy.


  • The scalp is one of the places in the body which very often goes unattended because of the hearing. It is recommended for all women to massage their scalp because that is the only way that the scalp gets nourishment. Make sure to use essential oils during your scalp massage.


  • If you are planning to grow out your hair, then it is recommended that you trim your hair on a regular basis. Trimming your hair will help increase the growth of your hair, making the procedure faster and healthier.


  • If you have long hair it is recommended that you do not wash your hair on a daily basis. Washing your hair on a daily basis will remove all the nourishment from your hair.


  • Stress plays a very important role in the health of the hair. If you have a lot of stress you will see your hair taking longer to grow. If you are always stressed you will also see a lot of hair fall. It is recommended to keep stress levels low to protect your hair.


  • Just like washing your hair is important conditioning your hair is also important. You should always make sure that you condition your hair every time you wash it so that your hair gets the nourishment after the wash and also helps your hair to be soft and healthy.


  • Just like keeping your hair clean is important keeping it nourished is also important. It is recommended that you should avoid all kinds of chemical products for your hair and use all the natural hair packs to keep the hair soft and shiny.


  • A hot oil massage is something that everyone needs. It not only helps you to calm you down but also helps your hair to get rejuvenated. A hot oil massage once in a while is recommended.


Taking care of your hair is important if you are trying to grow your hair faster and in a healthy manner. Make sure to always follow the steps given above so that you can grow out your hair faster and thicker.


Why Should You Hire Furniture Movers?


Moving all the furniture can turn out to be a really challenging task because of the size and weight of it all. It’s even more difficult to pack the furniture and get it loaded into a truck to be transported go the desired destination. To make this job easier there are furniture movers in Auckland and also from other places. Here’s why you should consider hiring them:

Various Types of furniture

You can have different types of furniture- classical and modern. Some of them can’t be disassembled properly and have to be moved as one piece. This can be really difficult to accomplish alone but it can be done as specialists who come with the required resources, expertise and requirements to dismantle it and then put it back together like it was before.

Fragile Items

Fragile items have to be handled with care but often even with the best of intentions, this doesn’t happen which results in unwanted breakages. Furniture movers know how to pack it up securely so that there aren’t any scratches on it.

Secure packing

From fragile items to the not-so-fragile ones, you will have to pack them up with care and caution. Professional furniture moving services excel in this. They use a lot of packing options like corrugated cardboard, packing blankets, Styrofoams and more to ensure that your belongings reach the desired destination easily.

How to hire a furniture mover?

Hiring a furniture mover is easy, just follow the following steps:

  • There are exclusive platforms where you will be able to find furniture moving services giving advertisements of their services.
  • Select a few whose offers and facilities you liked. Also if you are moving locally then try to hire a local service as they will know the area well, you will also in turn know about their operations and base. Moreover, it will also comparatively cost less.
  • Make sure that you call them up and ask them about details regarding their location, experience, method of charging and ultimately set up a meeting for them to visit your house and do an inventory of it.
  • After the services come and carry out their inventory, make sure you compare the fees being stated. Don’t go for the absolutely lowest one, especially if it’s way lower than the rest. Remember that no one offers their services for cheap, especially for one where there is so much physical work involved. Paying low may mean damaging your belongings when the time for moving comes. But this doesn’t mean that you go for the absolute highest one as that can mean you are being ripped off as well.
  • Before settling on one service, make sure you call up or meet people who have worked with the services before and get to know about the kind and quality of service they provide.
  • Now, compare the rates given and choose the one which you are most comfortable paying.
  • The last step is to let the service know about it and then the process of fixing the date of moving and such should be decided on.

Cooperate with the furniture movers to ensure that your furniture stays safe and you also know where it is placed, how is it packed and such. It will avoid confusion later on.

3 Major Psychic Myths Explained


Most of the psychic readers use a lot more than intuition to give psychic guidance to their clients. They use a lot of divination tools like that of a crystal ball, tarot, numerology, astrology and more. Some of the psychics also possess the ability to speak with their spirit guides while others attempt to make a connection between you and your loved ones who aren’t in this world anymore. So the methods may be quite different but the results turn out to be pretty similar- all of them aim to help you see your road ahead better.

But there are some myths which have come to be associated with psychic readings and readers over the years and they range from the regular ones of them being frauds to extreme ones which label them are voodoo practitioners, here are some myths which we will try to dispel in here:

Psychics are all knowing

Psychic practice is a very demanding job and many have to go off to get some time devoted to themselves so as to recharge their batteries. Remember that they are also people and get tired and make mistakes. Psychics aren’t all knowing because that’s just against the laws of human nature- there’s always room for growth. Even when spirit guides aid them, even then they only access the information which is relevant to that situation and moment.

Psychics are actually minded readers

Psychics can be accurately termed as energy readers and more than anything else, a good reader will also be able to sense hour energy field and how you feel. She should be able to pick up on why you are feeling what you are and how that can be influencing you in making a hard decision. She possesses the ability to provide a clearer and brighter path for you but if you will ask for what your favorite song is or when your birthday is then she won’t be able to answer. She isn’t a mind reader and the real information isn’t stored in your mind anyway, but in your soul-field and in your heart.

Psychics are always and 100% correct

Many argue that since the information is coming from a supernatural entity then it must surely be fully correct. But this information which is being laid out in front of you is just a snapshot of your life and not the whole picture. So it gives you just what you need to hear at that moment so that your next choice is made more consciously. Remember that your future isn’t set in stone and there are endless possibilities which surround you.

Remember that psychics won’t be able to walk the path set for you and neither will they be able to pressure you to walk on a certain path. No matter how many psychics you consult you are owner and executioner of your own life choices. What you do with psychic information can change your future. But always ensure that you look into the profile of the psychic so that you get what you are looking for.


Five best tips to save your toner cartridge


It is always frustrating when the ink on cartridge got empty in the mid of printing. There are so many ways to keep your money by choosing the right toner cartridge. You may find most of the articles written on the application of various types of the toner cartridge to save your valuable money. Mostly three kinds of toner cartridge available to use. They are OEM, compatible and remanufactured type. But in this blog, we suggest you do best practice to save your toner cartridge.

1)    Avoid stops

If you need to print more than one page, then better to use single slot print command to avoid any stop. Generally, people do print one by one which requires a lot of toner wastage. Whenever you order print command from your computer whirling noises of drum occurs. This sound comes as your drum rotates and toner particles got wasted on every rotation.

2)    Ignore printing warnings

You surprised to know that most of the printers still able to print even if you are getting printing warnings. Please ignore these printing warnings and continue publishing till the end of toner ink completely. These are also sometimes false warnings. I have a case where one of my friends getting these warning within the month after the purchase of the printer.

Even OEM manufacturers are not right about their claim. Some OEM asks to replace toner as soon as you get a warning message to avoid the damage of printer. Some other OEM suggested that to refill your toner, ink as quickly as possible.

3)    Buy compatible cartridges

The cartridge is a backbone of your printer. If you choose the right cartridge for your printer, then you may increase the life of your printer. Compatible cartridges are almost 80% cheaper than the OEM manufacturers in few cases. It can again save your precious money. If you can afford branded cartridges, then you can go for it, but typical compatible cartridges contain the maximum toner capacity. In the stamped round you feel satisfaction due to because you are paying for the brand.

4)    Use according to use

Print according to your requirement. No need to print everything using the printer. People often publish less content written pages. Better avoid this page, or else try to arrange it with another sheet to maximize the proper use of toner never on your printer while working on the computer. Maybe this time you don’t require printing. It not only harms your printer only, but also affects the toner cartridge.

5)    Use the correct printer setting

If you use correct printer settings, then I can assure you that you can save up to 80-90% toner cartridge. It doesn’t only damage your printer but also wastes additional money in regular maintenance. The printer is the most widely used machines in our daily routine life, and we need to be very careful while handling the printer.



Reasons that will convince you to pick a retirement village


Moving to a new retirement village will be a huge decision and it will give you the new lease of your life in the later years. When you are picking the perfect village it will offer you with several advantages that will help you to stay in a peace of mind at your old age and it will make your life more sociable, easier as well as enjoyable. So if you are confused about whether you should pick a retirement village or not then these few reasons are surely going to convince you to invest in Retirement Villages.


  1. Retirement Villages are going to provide you with the top-notch facilities starting from swimming pools, spas, cafes, hair salons to even restaurants. You can also have a beautifully landscaped garden along with well maintained outdoor areas which will provide you with the perfect view from your house.


  1. Houses similar to family home are too big to live in when you are growing old. So if you and your wife or few people are living at a house then you should definitely move to the retirement village. It will not only save the maintenance cost but these apartments are well equipped that will make your life after retirement very easy. So running a property like that will be more cost-effective and you won’t have to face problems regarding maintenance issue.


  1. If you are thinking of moving to a new house by selling your previous house then you can invest some money in a place in the retirement village because it will help you instill owning your house. So you will also get the benefit from the house price that will rise in the future and it will become an asset of yours.


  1. You will be given various opportunities of being independent if you are living in a retirement village. You have the liberty of welcoming guest and going outside or coming to your house at any time of the day.


  1. The retirement villages are so well constructed that it is quite nearby to the public transport, hospitals, police station, local stores, entertainment etc.


  1. The best part of settling in a retirement village is you can easily cater to all your needs whenever you need.


  1. In a retirement village, you will be allowed to stay with your other half if you want. When you are comparing it with the residential homes, it is not possible there unless both of them needs to stay together for going into the care.


  1. The security of the retirement villages is very strong and it is a very secure place for living as you can easily avail emergency help.


These few points are enough for convincing a people why retirement villages have become so popular nowadays and why people are opting for this option. It is more of a lifestyle change than an investment. If you want the later stages of your life to be secure, easy and enjoyable then retirement villages are the best thing that you can do for yourself.

Grounded in ‘tree’ house

The house architect Robyn Bilkey started designing for this 1660sq m site bordering Scarborough Reserve wasn’t going to be for her and civil engineer husband Alan. They’d bought it in 2009 with the aim of selling it on, new house and all.

“But then we realised just how special it was down here with all the trees and the native birds flying around, and the privacy,” says Robyn. “We got hooked on the idea of living here ourselves.”

The house needed to be both a light-filled, warm home and workplace for them both, its design taking advantage of the bush setting and its age-old nikau trees.Alan employed builders he’d been impressed with when project-managing a build for a friend. The result artfully evokes a sense of living in a tree house in central Auckland.The local French market is minutes away; so is Parnell Rd, along a pathway that snakes through bush at the rear of their property.

The house was completed in 2014. Its exterior is precast concrete with horizontal cedar in random thicknesses creating texture and blending the building with its environment.

Turning space for cars outside the double garage doubles as additional off-street parking. Robyn designed the home to turn its back to the driveway for privacy, presenting an understated single-storey frontage.

This heightens the impact when visitors enter to discover a two-storey home worshipping its leafy outlook through floor-to-ceiling windows and a double-height atrium, topping 5m at its peak. Alan says: “Everyone who walks in goes ‘gosh!'”

Stairs ascend to the kitchen-dining-living expanse, with soaring glass through which to admire the trees along its northern and western sides. It’s Robyn’s favourite space.

She says: “Some of the nikaus would be more than 100 years old. I just love the texture, shading and light created by their fronds.”

“And it’s a space which works well, whether we’ve got two friends over, or a crowd.”

It opens to a deck partially topped with an electronically adjustable louvre roof.

The interior showcases shuttered and polished concrete, exposed steelwork and Tasmanian oak. There’s oak in the entertainer’s kitchen and its battened ceiling, which has sound-absorbing properties.

Alan says: “It’s such a restful place to be. We sit here and watch tui and keruru flitting around the trees.”

Downstairs has predominantly polished concrete floors with under-floor heating throughout. There’s a gas fireplace in the lounge, one of pet cat Bruno’s favourite spots.

Robyn says: “It feels like we don’t have neighbours on three sides, because Scarborough Reserve is to the north, there’s so much of our own land to the east, and only the rear section of a private property to the south.”

A northern wing can pretty much be shut off. It would suit teenagers and was handy when the Bilkeys’ three adult children, who mostly lived overseas, enjoyed holidays here.

The wing contains a second living area opening to the deck, two bedrooms and a bathroom. A powder room and laundry-storage room with butler’s pantry capability complete downstairs.

Lush outlooks continue upstairs where the master bedroom with walk-in-wardrobe and en suite looks down on a canopy of nikau fronds.

Alan uses a fourth bedroom as his office, while Robyn’s office and a storage room are off the carpeted garage.

The Bilkeys have favoured natives in planting they’ve done around the house and have no lawn.

The couple anticipate having more building adventures, no longer needing as much space now their children all live in Auckland.

• 4 bedrooms, 2 bathroom, 2 parking spaces.
• land 1660sq m, house 309sq m.
• Inspect: Call for viewing times.
• Auction: 5pm Oct 31, (unless sold prior) at 411 Remuera Rd, Remuera.
• Schools: Parnell District School, Auckland Grammar, Epsom Girls’ Grammar.
• Contact: Steen Nielsen, 027 557 8336, Ray White

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